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Crossroads Township League (CTL) Rules

The rules and format of all CTL games are a collective

decision of the CTL Leadership Committee.



U11 Small Ball (3rd / 4th Grade):

  • League does not provide any officials.
  • Home Teams responsible for providing AO’s.

U11 “Select” (full field – 3/4th Grade):

  • League provides one registered official.
  • Home Team responsible for providing AO.

U13 (all divisions – 5/6th grade):

  • League provides one registered official.
  • Home Team responsible for providing AO.

U15 (all divisions – 7th/8th Grade):

  • League provides two registered official.
  • Home Team responsible for providing AO.



The Crossroads Township League (CTL) will be using NFHS sanctioned rules for all divisions (click here), with the exception of the following modifications:


U11 Small Ball (3/4th Grade)

Field of Play and Game Setup

  • Minimum (2) games per team, with a maximum of (4) with adjusted game lengths.
  • Game length is recommended for (1) 25-minute run time session, with 5 minutes in between games, and should run a minimum of 75-90 minutes of game play each session.
  • Field size should be approximately 30-35 yards wide, and 55-65 yards long (cross-field).
  • If possible, home team should try to line small ball field(s) in a contrasting color. If you’re unable to do so, cones or temp creases are required to create a midfield line and goal creases.
  • Player configuration will be 2-2-2 plus a goalie.
  • Goalie plus two players must always stay in defensive end of field.
  • Goalie is not permitted to cross the mid-field line at any time.
  • No on field coaches allowed and NO TIME OUTS
  • Face Offs: One wing man from each team lines up opposite the opposing wing man.  Attack must start with both feet on Goal Line Extended (GLE).  Defense are allowed to setup in I-formation in front of the goal/crease they are defending.

Rules of Play for U11 small ball:

Exceptions to NFHS rules:

  • There are no one handed or over the head sticks checks.  Even if contact is not made a flag should be thrown and a penalty called.
  • There is no checking.  All body contact should be “Equal Pressure” situations whether the ball is in possession or on the ground.
  • There are no counts, even when the goalie is in possession of the ball in the crease.
  • If a flag is thrown for a personal foul, it’s a slow whistle play on until a shot, change of possession, or the ball becomes loose (no continuation).  Play will restart 6v6 from spot of foul unless it occurred in the defensive end of the field.  In this case, a free clear will be granted to the offended team.
  • If a team goes up by 5 goals, the losing team will be granted the ball on face-offs until the 5 goal differential is mitigated.
  • We have completely eliminated the passing rule.  However, in the effort to promote sportsmanship, if a lopsided game unfolds, the winning team is expected to self-impose a 2-3 pass rule.
  • No long poles at U11.
  • Stick length: Players are allowed and ecouraged to have sticks lengths under 40 inches. Appropriate length is about belly to chest high when standing next to stick.


U11 Select (full field)

NOTE: U11 select use all the same rules as U13 / U15 below.  HOWEVER-

  • There is no body checking allowed at U11 select!
    • Body contact is allowed, but only the amount needed to play 1v1 defense, box out on a GB, or to turn a player back on a ride.
    • Players who deliver body checks on GB’s, in the middle of the field, or in any situation where the ball carrier is defenseless, will be penalized.
  • ​NO LONG POLES AT U11 Select
  • Stick length: Players are allowed and ecouraged to have sticks lengths under 40 inches. Appropriate length is about belly to chest high when standing next to stick.

U13 and U15:

  • All games will be played with four - 15 minute running time quarters.
    • ​If goal difference is <3,  then they will have us do "STOP TIME" for last minute.
  • Officials Keep Game Time.  Offending Team keeps penalty time.
  • Time will stop only during injury or time out situations.
  • Time Outs may be called anywhere on the field as long as you have possession of the ball or it is a dead ball situation.
  • All teams are allowed 1 - 90 second timeout per half or overtime period.  The game clock is stopped during all timeouts called by a coach or official.
  • Penalties are running time with 10 secs. added to all time-serving penalties.  Clock starts when play resumes after penalty.
  • If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, there will be a 6 minute, running time sudden-death overtime period.
  • Mercy Rule:
    • ​7 or more goals - losing teams gets ball at center X w no face off after any goal.
  • No more than 4 long poles on the field at 1 time.
  • Stick Checks:
    • 2 hands on stick
    • Under control to the stick or gloves
    • One handed wrap checks allowed at U15 only
  • Illegal Sticks: Coaches may not request formal stick checks. But, if a referee wants to check for illegal stick, they can.
    • An illegal pocket will result in a 30-second penalty.
    • Illegal stick length will simply be a turnover and stick removed from play.
  • Long Pole restrictions:
    • Grades 7/8 may use a full length 72" long pole
    • Grades 5/6 may use modified long poles (no longer than 60")
    • Grade 4 NO long poles.
  • Counts:
    • All counts are enforced at U15.  After possession is gained, a team has 20 seconds to cross midfield and then 10 seconds to “get it in” to the offensive box.
    • Only goalie counts (4 seconds) at U11 Select & U13
    • During final 2-minutes of a game, teams must “Get-it-in, Keep-it-in” to the offensive area This will be enforced at U11 Select, U13 & U15.
    • If a player is ejected from a game, he must sit out the next scheduled CTL game.​​​​​​