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Crossroads Township League (CTL) Rules


The rules and format of all CTL games are a collective decision of the league's Leadership Committee.

The Spring Township League (CTL) will be using NFHS sanctioned rules for all divisions, with the exception of the following modifications:

"Click" on the NFHS icon for 2016 rule changes


  • Each Home Team is expected to keep a scorers table where official time, substitution horn and official score sheet should be kept (CLICK HERE for a score sheet).  Home team should provide a scorer's table with room for the visiting team at the table. 

  • All games will be played with 4 - 17 minute running time quarters.

    • Time will stop only during injury or time out situations.
    • Time Outs may be called anywhere on the field as long as you have possession of the ball or it is a deadball situation.
    • All teams are allowed 1 - 90 second time out per half or overtime period.  The game clock is stopped during all time outs called by a coach or official.
    • Penalties are running time with 15 secs. added to all time-serving penalties.
    • If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, there will be a 6 minute, running time sudden-death overtime period.
  • A full 20 yard substitution box will be used.

  • Substitution horns will not be offered on sideline situations or endlines. (Grade 4 - Substitution horns will be offered on all sideline situations)

  • No more than 4 long poles on the field at 1 time. 

  • Long Pole restrictions

    • Grades 7/8 may use a full length 72" long pole
    • Grades 5/6 may use modified long poles (no longer than 60")
    • Grade 4 NO long poles. 
  • There will be counts to encourage moving the ball up field.  20 seconds to cross midfield - 10 seconds to get it into the offensive box. (No counts for Grade 4)

  • There will be no "continuation" during flag down situations, whistle will blow when possession is lost.