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Adult Flag Football Rules 

1. Team Rules:

  • There will be a maximum of 5 players on the field at one time.
    • Offense: 
      • 1 lineman 
      • 1 quaterback
      • 3 receives and/or runningbacks
    • Defense: Total of 5 players 
  • A Minimum of 7 players per team.
    • Teams may start a game with a minimum 5 players, otherwise the game will be a forfeit. 
  • All players must be 18 years of age or older.
  • All participants must register and complete the PSC waiver.
  • Players must only participate for ONE team. 


2. Equipment:

  • Game Ball: Each team must provide their own ball to use while on offense.
  • Footwear: Rubber cleats or sneakers are permitted. NO METAL spikes are allowed. 
  • Uniforms: 
    • All teams must provide own uniforms (PSC can provide reversible tank for $5 per tank) 
    • Home team has option which color will wear. (light or dark) 
    • Pants or shorts are permitted. 
    • NO Jewelry allowed during play.
    • NO Hats of any kind allowed during play.
    • Jerseys must be tucked into shorts/pants at all times. 

3. Scoring (Point System):

  • Touchdown is worth 6 points.
  • Extra Points:
    • 1 point from 3 yard line. 
    • 2 points from 10 yard line. 
  • Safety's are worth 2 points.
  • Mercy Rule: 
    • If a team is ahead by 25 points or more the game is over. 
    • If a team is ahead by 17 points inside two minutes of the second half the game is over. 

4. Blockinglocking (Offense):

  • Contact blocking is only permitted at the line of scrimmage.
    • All blocking must me in the front between the shoulders and waist. 
  • All DOWNFIELD blocking is permitted but there can not be any contact. 
    • Players are allowed to shield or shadow block.
  • Center must snap the ball between his legs (no side tosses) 
  • Blockers are not elibable to receive a pass.
  • Teams must have a center and atleast two other blockers (lineman) at all times on offense.


A. QB/Pass Plays:

  • Must line up at least 3 yards behind line of scrimmage 
  • QB may run at any time 
  • QB must pass from behind the Line of Scrimmage LOS.
  • Only 1 forward pass per down. 
  • Any number of laterals & passes permitted behind the LOS.


B. Run Plays:

Legal laterals, tosses & pitches are allowed anywhere on the field. Player who receives handoff may throw the ball from behind the LOS.

Player may not return to the LOS to pass a ball


C. Receiving:

  • Linemen are ineligible to receive a pass.
  • Player must have 1 foot down in bounds with possession.



E. Ball is Dead: if at anytime the ball hits the ground; including snaps, fumbles & incomplete passes.




A. Defensive Rusher:

  • any number of players may rush the QB at anytime. However teams must have a minimum of two rushers (lineman) at all times.
  • Rusher may not leave feet at anytime except to block a pass, as long as defender is not in contact with any offensive player.
  • Rusher must go for player’s flags, NO QB CONTACT ALLOWED!


B. Defensive Backs: may rush at anytime. Can intercept and return any caught ball. Extra point interceptions may not be returned.


C. No players permitted to jump or dive for flags. May jump to intercept or defend a thrown ball. No contact to the face permitted.


D. Defensive player must avoid contact with offensive blocker. May not push or bull-rush blocker; may not use contact to split between 2 blockers.




Both teams must be ready to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time in

case of prior forfeits or mercy rules. This may assist in keeping later games on

schedule by compensating for any delays in other games.




A. Coin toss will begin each game. Visiting team captain will call option

while coin is in the air. Winning team captain may elect:




Defense, which goal to defend


Defer choice to 2nd half




  1. Teams will start their possessions at the beginning of each half or after a score or safety from their 15 yard line. To start play, the offense must snap the ball, between the legs. Center may snap ball to QB or directly to another player.


 B  Ball is spotted where the front of the ball is located.





  1. The ball is declared dead when:

I. a snap to the QB or another player hits the ground

II. a fumble hits the ground (no fumble recoveries allowed)

III. a ball carriers knees or elbows touch the ground

IV. a ball carrier steps out of bounds

V. a ball carriers flags are legally removed (if ball carriers flag’s

accidentally fall off, play shall revert to 2 hand touch between the

shoulders & knees)


B. Play Clock: Each team shall have 25 seconds to snap the ball at the

completion of the previous play.


C. Game Length: Regular game time will consist of 2, 25 minute running-time halves

  • Each team is allotted 2, 60 second time out per half.
  • Clock stops for final 2 minutes of each half.
  • 5 minute halftime.

There is no other stoppage of play except for serious injury. Any significant stoppage of play for injury may result in that game being suspended. If the game is suspended in the 2nd half, that game is considered complete with the final score recorded. If stoppage occurs prior to the 2nd half, that game may be rescheduled with play resuming from that point in time.





-All offensive penalties will be penalized 5 yards from the LOS.

**5 yards from spot of infraction.


A. Illegal Motion:

  • more than 1 person moving at the snap
  • false start 
  • illegal snap.
  • Motion cannot move forward until ball is snapped.


B.Illegal Forward Pass: pass thrown from beyond the LOS or a 2nd forward pass on the same play.


C. Offensive Pass Interference: illegal pick playor illegal contact with the defender.


D.Flag Guarding; any attempt to swipe at the defender’s hands preventing the flag pull. No stiff arms. 5 yards from spot of infraction.


E. Delay of Game: not snapping the ball in the allotted time (25 sec. from

previous play). The clock will not start until the next legal snap.


F. Illegal Contact: holding, contact to head, overly aggressive behavior.


G. Illegal Formation: the offense must have at least 3 players on the LOS before the snap.


H. Illegal blocking by offensive player (use of hands, shoulder, tripping).




- All defensive penalties will be penalized 5 yards from the LOS. 5 yards from spot of infraction.


A. Offside/Encroachment


B.Defensive Pass Interference. Or half the distance to the goal.


  1. Illegal Contact: holding, contact to head, overly aggressive behavior.


D.Illegal Flag Pull: pulling offensive players flags before there is possession.


E.Impeding the Runner: grabbing ball carriers body parts, clothes; stand in the

ball carriers path & initiate contact.


F. Illegal touching of offensive blocker (use of hands, bull-rushing)


G. Roughing the Passer: any contact with passer either before the ball is

thrown or after.5 yards & automatic first down.

If play resulted in a first down, 5 yards will be added to the end of the play.

-Excessive roughing may be penalized with ejection from the game & possible

suspension in future games.


-Games CANNOT end on a defensive penalty unless declined by the offense.


3. FLAGRANT FOULS (any flagrant foul contact whatsoever)

-Tackling, elbows, cheap shots, illegal contact, taunting, or similar unsportsmanlike

conduct WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! The official has the right to stop the game,

eject the offending player(s), administer a 10 yard penalty &1stdown. Official may

stop the game in progress in the event of excessive inappropriate behavior with the offending team receiving the loss.

-Official may allow a 5 minute cooling off period for first time offender if deemed appropriate for the situation.

-Team will forfeit when at least 5 players cannot take the field at any time.




-Teams that do not have league fee paid by the 1st

scheduled game will forfeit until fee is paid in full.

-All official’s rulings on the field are final & will not be argued. Only the team

captain may question an official in an appropriate manner.

-Teams that forfeit 2 or more games will be removed from the league, no refunds.

-Players who receive 3 flagrant fouls in a season will be removed for the remainder

of that season.

-Team captains are responsible for the payers/fans conduct before, during & after

games. Teams may be panelized with flagrant fouls for inappropriate behavior at

the game location at any time if deemed necessary by an official.

-Players are not permitted to play on more that 1 team in each league.




1. If teams are tied at the end of regulation:

I. Home team calls coin toss

II. Winner elects offense or defense (play will stay on one end)

III. Each team gets 3 plays from 10 yard line to score

-If score, must go for 2 from 10 yard line

IV. Play continues until a winner is decided


offensive team gets ball last if 1stteam scores, unless an

interception for a TD occurs.Game over.

A. Interception may be returned to other endzone to end the game.

B. Each team receives 1, 60 minute time out

C. 25 second clock in effect between plays, stop clock rules.


-The team with the ball at the time of the whistle has the option of replaying the

down, or taking the ball at the spot where the whistle was blown.