How do you do the Michigan in NHL 21 PS4?

How do you do the Michigan Deke?

This can be done by shifting either the right stick (for Xbox) or right analog stick (for PlayStation) to either the left or right. Left-handed players need to shift the stick to the left, while right-handed players have to go to the right. Next, press LB/L1. After this, click down on the right stick (for Xbox) or R3.

What is a Michigan goal in hockey?

“The Michigan” is a hockey trick that consists of scooping up the puck with the blade of the stick and tucking it into the net. It is done entirely from behind the net where the player picks up the puck and, in one continuous move, tucks the puck in the top corner of the goal.

How do you do the Kucherov in NHL 21 ps4?

To do The Kucherov in NHL 21, for a left-handed player all you need to do is press L1 or LB depending on your console. Press the left stick to the right and then immediately afterwards press the right stick to the left.

How do you put the puck between your legs in NHL 21?

Beating opposing defenders in NHL 21 takes more than just using fast players.


Move XB1 Controls PS4 Controls
Between-the-Legs Pass LB + RS + RT L1 + Right Stick + R2
Between-the-Legs Saucer Pass LB + RS + RB L1 + Right Stick + R1
Slip Deke (Must be performed by boards) LB L1
Touch Deke (Loose Puck Deke) LB L1
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