How fast did Gretzky get 1000 points?

Gretzky scored his first 1,000 points faster (424 games) than any other player in NHL history, and scored a second 1,000 points (point number 1,001 through 2,000) faster (433 games) than any player other than himself.

When did Gretzky reach 1000 points?

A 1,000-point career was first achieved in the 44th year of the NHL (1960–61), when Gordie Howe scored his 1,000th point in his 938th game.

1,000-point scorers.

Player Wayne Gretzky
Date Dec 19, 1984 (1st 1,000 points) Oct 26, 1990 (2nd 1,000 points)
GP 1,487
G 894
A 1,963

How quickly did Gretzky get 100 points?

Only four times has a player reached 100 points in fewer games in the past 30 years, and no one has done it in 25 years. Mario Lemieux accomplished the feat twice in 38 games, in 1992-93 and 1995-96; Gretzky did it in 50 games in 1990-91; and Jaromir Jagr reached it in 52 games in 1995-96.

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How fast was Gretzky 500 points?

Fewest games to reach 500 goals: 575

Gretzky did it when he was just 25, scoring his 500th goal on Nov. 22, 1986. Only three other players (Lemieux, Bossy and Hull) scored 500 goals in less than 700 games; Selanne was the last to do it in less than 1,000.

How old was Gretzky when he reached 500 points?

Gretzky got there when he was 25 years old, scoring his 500th goal on Nov. 22, 1986. Three players (Lemieux, Bossy and Bobby Hull) scored 500 goals in fewer than 700 games; Selanne was the last to do it before reaching 1,000 games played.

What record was Gretzky broken?

On October 15, 1989, Los Angeles King Wayne Gretzky breaks Gordie Howe’s points record (1,850) in the final period of a game against the Edmonton Oilers. Gretzky’s record-setting goal tied the game; in overtime he scored another, and the Kings won 5-4. Gretzky had entered the game with 1,849 points.

Who was the fastest leaf to get 300 points?

If he gets one point, he will tie a record set back in 1936. 85 years ago, Maple Leafs legend, and a man on the NHL’s 100 Greatest Players list, Charlie Conacher recorded his 300th point in his 294th game, the fastest Leafs player to reach 300.

Is McDavid better than Gretzky?’s adjusted points stat rates McDavid’s 2020-21 campaign ahead of Gretzky’s 1981-82 season, in which Gretzky scored 212 unadjusted points, the second-highest single-season points total in league history. McDavid is — how do you say — very good at hockey.

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What year did Gretzky score 92 goals?

In the 1981–82 National Hockey League (NHL) season, Wayne Gretzky set the record for most goals in a single season with 92 goals in just 80 games for the Edmonton Oilers.

Who has the most hat tricks in NHL history?

Most Career Hat Tricks

  • 50 – Wayne Gretzky. Again, nearly every list for “the best” or “the most” of something in NHL history will include Gretzky and most likely, he’ll top the list. …
  • 40 – Mario Lemieux. …
  • 39 – Mike Bossy. …
  • 33 – Brett Hull. …
  • 32 – Phil Esposito.

Can Ovechkin catch Gretzky?

Ovechkin is going to have a tall task ahead of him to catch Gretzky and it will require some of the best seasons ever by a player of his age each year for the rest of his career. … Truly, the impossible record of 894 now seems entirely possible for Ovechkin to catch, but it has to start with a big year in 2021-22.

How long did it take Sidney Crosby to reach 500 points?

The only players younger than Crosby (22 years, 244 days) to hit the 500-point mark faster were Wayne Gretzky (21 years, 52 days) and former Penguins star Mario Lemieux (22 years, 172 days). “It’s one of those numbers,” Crosby said. “It’s a nice accomplishment.

How many hat tricks does Gretzky?

Gretzky set records in both regular season and post-season play, holding the record for most career regular season goals (894), assists (1,963), points (2,857) and hat-tricks (50).

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How long did Gretzky play in the NHL?

Wayne Douglas Gretzky CC (/ˈɡrɛtski/; born January 26, 1961) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player and former head coach. He played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for four teams from 1979 to 1999.

How much is Gretzky worth?

Retired hockey legend and savvy businessperson Wayne Gretzky, born in Ontario, Canada, in 1961, now has a net worth of $250 million. He was one of the greatest on the ice, earning an MVP award in his first season with the National Hockey League as an Edmonton Oiler and leading the Oilers to four Stanley Cup wins.

How many hat tricks does Sidney Crosby have?

Sidney Crosby has gotten 11 hat tricks in his career.