What does PPA mean in hockey?

PPG – Power play goals – Number of goals the player has scored while his team was on the power play. PPA – Power play assists – Number of goals the player has assisted in while his team was on the power play.

What could PPA stand for?

Traditionally, a power purchase agreement, or PPA, is a contract between a government agency and a private utility company.

What does PPA stand fot?

PPA time stands for ‘planning, preparation and assessment’ time.

What does PT G mean in hockey?

– G = Goals By Athlete. – A = Assists By Athlete. – Pts = Points By Athlete. – SOG = Shots On Goal By Athlete.

What does SHG mean in hockey?

Power-play goal. Goals scored while the other team is playing shorthanded. SHG. Shorthanded goal. Goals scored when a team is killing off a penalty.

What does PPA stand for in sport?

Contact us. PPA – time set aside for teachers to carry out planning, preparation and assessment activities – is vital. But like many ideas that are great in practice, the real-world outcomes can produce a number of problems.

What is a PPA in energy?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract under which a business agrees to purchase electricity directly from a renewable energy generator. Power Purchase Agreements provide financial certainty to you and the project developer, which removes a significant roadblock to building new renewable facilities.

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How long is PPA?

All teachers who teach pupils are entitled to PPA time, set as a minimum of ten per cent of their timetabled teaching time. This should be in blocks of time of at least 30 minutes’ duration.

How many PPAs should I have?

PPA time is a minimum requirement of 10 per cent of a teacher’s timetabled week. For a full-time class teacher, this corresponds to around two and a half hours per week, which in most cases means one morning or afternoon a week out of class.

Do teachers plan for PPA?

There is no requirement for teachers to plan the lessons that will cover their planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time.

What does TS mean in hockey?

Team statistics

T – Ties – Games that have ended in a tie (Note: The NHL no longer uses ties.

What is SHP in hockey?

SHP: Points scored while short-handed. PPP: Points scored on the power play.

What does GAA mean in hockey?

Goals Against Average (GAA) also known as “Average Goals Against” or “AGA” is a statistic used in field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer and water polo that is the mean of goals allowed per game by a goaltender/goalkeeper (depending on sport). GAA is analogous to a baseball pitcher’s earned run average (ERA).

What is gap in hockey stats?

A gap is the amount of space between the puck carrier and the defensive player. Win the battle of the gaps, and you will likely win the hockey game.