What is yo yo test in hockey?

The Yo-Yo Test is a standard aerobic fitness test used by National Teams and is internationally applied in the team sport environment. This test was introduced to athletes during the 2014-2015 Regional season.

What is a good score on Yo-Yo test?

What is a good result? The Yo-Yo intermittent test (level 1) usually takes between 6-20 minutes. A good score for male team sport athletes is over 20 in the test, and over 22 would be considered an excellent score. Female team sport athletes generally score between 12 and 16.

How Yo-Yo test is done?

The Yo-Yo test is a maximal aerobic endurance fitness test that involves running between two markers (B and C), placed 20 meters apart. A beep indicates the players to run. The players have to run towards the other marker (C) with the first beep, while they must return back (B) before the second and third beep.

Is the Yo-Yo test hard?

What starts off as an easy jog soon turns in to several minutes of grueling effort, as the beeps steadily catch up with you. The Beep Test and its more recent alternative, the Yo-Yo test, are staple fitness tests that you can easily do yourself to test your fitness.

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What are the Yo-Yo test levels?

There are four versions of the Yo-Yo Intermittent test:

  • Recovery Level 1 (Yo-Yo IR1). …
  • Recovery Level 2 (Yo-Yo IR2). …
  • Endurance Level 1 (Yo-Yo IE1). …
  • Endurance Level 2 (Yo-Yo IE2).

How long does Yo Yo test take?

The test is comprised of 91 shuttles and can last up to approximately 29-minutes; however, it is very unlikely somebody will complete it. Scores can be presented in three ways: 1) total distance (meters); 2) level achieved; or 3) VO2 max.

How long is Yo Yo test?

The Yo-Yo intermittent test usually takes between 6-20 minutes for level 1 and between 2-10 minutes for level 2. See some Yo Yo Test Results. target population: This test is suitable for sports teams and school groups, but not for populations in which a maximal exercise test would be contraindicated.

What is 16.1 in Yo-Yo test?

Once a player misses two beeps, their test ends. The process is software-based and the results are recorded. The benchmark level for the Indian cricket team is 16:1, which covers 1120 metres. The level for New Zealand cricketers is set at 20:1.

Who beat Kohli in Yo-Yo test?

Manish Pandey – 19.2

Apart from being a great fielder, Manish Pandey also holds the tag of having a better yo-yo test score than Virat Kohli. The batsman’s yo-yo Test score of 19.2 from 2017 makes him one of the fittest players to play for India.

What level does the yoyo test start at?

A player starts at speed level 5, which consists of one shuttle. The next speed level, which is 9, also consists of one shuttle. Speed level 11, the next step up, has two shuttles, while level 12 has three and level 13 four. There are eight shuttles per level from 14 upwards.

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Is Level 5.4 bleep test hard?

That is not to say we should be hiring less police officers, but the reality is that a bleep test level of 5.4 is not particularly hard to reach. The majority of these officers go into the test with limited physical preparation, and still pass quite comfortably.

Is Yoyo and beep test the same?

There is one version of the yo-yo test that is essentially the same as the beep test (the yo-yo endurance test level 1), but most yo-yo tests have a rest period after every 40m (2 x 20m) distance covered, compared to the beep test which is a continuous test.