What were the names of the old NHL divisions?

Who are the original 6 NHL teams?

The six teams are the Boston Bruins, Chicago Black Hawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, and Toronto Maple Leafs.


Team name Location Founded
Montreal Canadiens Montreal, Quebec 1909 (joined NHL in 1917)
Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto, Ontario 1917

What were the NHL divisions in the 1980s?

Clarence Campbell Conference

New York Islanders 80 110
Philadelphia Flyers 80 97
Calgary Flames 80 92
New York Rangers 80 74

When did the NHL change divisions names?

The names of conferences and divisions were changed for the 1993–94 season to reflect their geographic locations.

What were the original 8 NHL teams?

The “Original” Hockey Teams

  • Montreal Canadiens. The Montreal Canadiens joined the NHL in 1917 and were founded in 1909. …
  • Toronto Maple Leafs. The Toronto Maple Leafs were formed and joined the NHL in 1917. …
  • Boston Bruins. …
  • Chicago Blackhawks. …
  • Detroit Red Wings. …
  • New York Rangers.
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Who has the most NHL Stanley Cups?

Having lifted the trophy a total of 24 times, the Montreal Canadiens are the team with more Stanley Cup titles than any other franchise. Founded in 1909, the Canadiens are the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team and the only existing NHL club to predate the founding of the NHL itself.

Who has never won the Stanley Cup?

In Summary: Here are the 11 NHL teams that have never won the Stanley Cup.

  • Buffalo Sabres.
  • Vancouver Canucks.
  • San Jose Sharks.
  • Florida Panthers.
  • Arizona Coyotes.
  • Nashville Predators.
  • Winnipeg Jets.
  • Minnesota Wild.

What are the 4 hockey divisions?

It’s time to welcome back the good old Pacific, Atlantic, Metropolitan, and Central divisions. Here’s how the NHL’s realigned realigned divisions stack up, from weakest to strongest.

Who was in the Adams Division?

The division existed for 19 seasons until 1993. It was named in honour of Charles Francis Adams, the founder of the Boston Bruins.

Adams Division titles won by team.

Team Wins Last win
Boston Bruins 9 1993
Montreal Canadiens 5 1992
Buffalo Sabres 3 1981
Hartford Whalers 1 1987

Who was the Patrick Division named after?

It was named in honor of Lester Patrick, player and longtime coach of the New York Rangers, who was a developer of ice hockey.

Patrick Division.

Conference Campbell Conference (1974–1981) Wales Conference (1981–1993)
League National Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1974

When did the Seattle Kraken join the NHL?

Seattle was unanimously approved by the NHL’s Board of Governors as the league’s 32nd franchise in Dec. 2018, which placed them in the Pacific Division beginning in the 2021-22 season.

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What are the 2 conferences in the NHL?

The NHL is made up of 30 teams. Of these teams, 7 are located in Canada. These teams are broken up into two conferences, the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference.

Where did Seattle Krakens originate?

Montreal Canadiens, Canadian professional ice hockey team based in Montreal. The oldest continually operating team in the National Hockey League (NHL), the Canadiens have won more Stanley Cup titles than any other team (24) and are the most successful franchise in league history.

Who were the original 12 NHL teams?

For the 1967–68 season, six new teams were added to the NHL: the California Seals, the Los Angeles Kings, the Minnesota North Stars, the Philadelphia Flyers, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the St.

Twelve teams (1967–70)

East Division West Division
New York Rangers Pittsburgh Penguins
Toronto Maple Leafs St. Louis Blues

Why did they throw octopus on the ice?

The Legend of the Octopus is a sports tradition during Detroit Red Wings home playoff games involving dead octopuses thrown onto the ice rink. … Having eight arms, the octopus symbolized the number of playoff wins necessary for the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup.