When can you play NHL 22 Pre Order?

This makes the NHL 22 Early Access Release Date October 12, 2021. You should technically be able to wait until as late as October 11, 2021 to pre-order the game and secure early access to NHL 22, so you may want to hold off for now if you fancy playing the open beta first – read below to find out more!

What happens if you pre-order NHL 22?

The Standard Edition Pre-order comes with:

1 Unlocked Hockey Bags. 2 HUT Diamond Player Choice Packs (One Pack per month for two months) 1 Be A Pro XP Boost and Bonus Trait Points.

When can I play NHL 22 with EA access?

EA SPORTS™ NHL® 22 launches on October 15, but with EA Play*, you won’t have to wait that long. EA Play grants you a 10-hour trial of NHL 22 on October 7 – eight days before launch – so you can experience breakthrough hockey before anyone else.

What time is NHL 22 playable?

While Early Access won’t be available for the Standard Edition, anyone who pre orders the NHL 22 X-Factor Edition will get three days of pre order Early Access. That means you’ll get to start playing NHL 22 on October 12, 2021, the same day that the NHL season gets rolling.

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How do you play NHL 22 3 days early?

How to get early access on NHL 22?

  1. Full game releases worldwide 2nd Friday of October.
  2. If you pre order a special edition copy (deluxe) you get the game 3 days early on the Tuesday.
  3. If you have EA Play ($5/month) you can get early access for 10h, 5 days before release ie the Thursday.

Can u pre order NHL 22?

As has become the norm, the NHL 22 X-Factor Edition and Standard Edition will both include a series of pre-order rewards. They’ll apply to a variety of in-game modes, including HUT 22 and World of Chel.

How do you get NHL 22 early?

The other way you’ll be able to play NHL 22 earlier is by placing a pre order on the X Factor Edition of NHL 22. That will give you three days of early access. The best way to play NHL 22 early is by getting an EA Play subscription and we’ll show you how to do that below.

Is NHL 22 included with EA Play?

The NHL 22 Trial is available with EA Play, and new players will be able to get 10 hours of playtime in NHL 22 before having to purchase the full game. When the time limit on your 10-hour trial is up, you’ll then have to decide between waiting or making the leap of purchasing the Standard or X-Factor Edition of NHL 22.

Is NHL 22 worth it?

If you’re looking for major steps up, you’re not getting it. But, to me, it’s an enjoyable title that’ll get a lot of playtime over the next 12 months. Whether you have issues with certain elements of NHL 21 or not, it’s hard to argue that the game isn’t a good time, and 22 already feels better.

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How do I get the NHL 22 free trial?

Latest – NHL 22 Trial has been released!

If you did pre-download, you’ll still need to head to the Microsoft Store within the app, choose the game, and select the EA Play Trial button to trigger an install. The install won’t take long, but that step is needed to unlock the NHL 22 Trial.

Can you play NHL 22 early?

You can also play “NHL 22” early if you pre-order the X-Factor Edition of the game. The pre-order perks for “NHL 22” X-Factor Edition include three days of early access. The full X-Factor Edition pre-order perks are: “NHL 22” for Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One.

What time does NHL 22 come out early access?

Original story (August 25, 2021): The NHL 22 release date has been confirmed!

NHL22 early access / release time – download countdown.

NHL 22 Early access begins (X-Factor Edition pre orders only) NHL 22 Release time
PT 9pm, Oct 11 9pm, Oct 14

Will NHL 22 have the Seattle Kraken?

It’s a great look at how another Seattle sports team and its unique branding will come across in a video game. The Kraken tweeted that “NHL 22” is “about to get a whole lot better” with the inclusion of the team. The Kraken are scheduled to kick off their inaugural season on Oct.