Why does Quebec not have a hockey team?

While the NHL would return to Winnipeg in 2011 when the Atlanta Thrashers would relocate to become the current Winnipeg Jets, Quebec City remains without an NHL team after losing out to Las Vegas on an expansion team in 2016.

Will Québec ever get another NHL team?

In the end, Quebec City would likely continue to be a used as a stalking horse by the NHL to keep expansion fees high for other bidders. So will Canada ever succeed in attracting an eighth NHL team? It’s doubtful, according to the business economics. So hockey fans, enjoy your favourite existing Canadian NHL team.

Does Québec have hockey team?

The following is a list of ice hockey teams in Quebec, past and present.

National Hockey League.

Current Team Quebec Nordiques
City Quebec City
Established 1979–1995
Stanley Cups
Notes Founded in 1972 as a World Hockey Association franchise; Became the Colorado Avalanche in 1995

How many NHL teams are in Québec?

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