Why is Wayne Gretzky leaving the Oilers?

EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — Wayne Gretzky is leaving as vice chairman of the Edmonton Oilers, citing “the pandemic and other life changes.” The 60-year-old hockey great announced the decision Tuesday on Twitter. He said he will not be able to “dedicate the time nor effort needed to support this world-class organization.”

Whats going on with Gretzky?

Gretzky has resigned as vice chairman of the Edmonton Oilers as part of the move to Turner. He returned to the franchise he helped lead to four Stanley Cups in 2016, where his duties included working on the business side, as well as supporting development initiatives in the Rogers Place arena district.

Is Gretzky involved with Edmonton Oilers?

A four-time Stanley Cup winner as a player with Edmonton, Gretzky returned to a front-office role with the Oilers in 2016. … The team said Gretzky worked closely with owner Daryl Katz and Oilers chairman Bob Nicholson in all aspects of the organization.

What is Wayne Gretzky illness?

Gretzky stopped short of saying he actually has arthritis. He hasn’t been officially diagnosed with the disorder, and has not undergone standard tests involving a scope inside his joints. A spokeswoman for McNeil says Gretzky is taking pain relievers, and doing special exercises to slow cartilage degeneration.

What did Gretzky’s wife do?

Janet Jones
m. 1988
Уэйн Гретцки/Жена
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