You asked: What does kick point mean in hockey stick?

Composite sticks are designed with a “kick point.” A kick point refers to where the stick bends when force is applied and how much potential energy is created when loading your shot. There are three kinds of kick points: Low Kick. Mid Kick.

What is a high kick point good for?

High-Mid Kick Point

This positioning allows more loadability and maximum energy transfer versus other kick point styles. As with all designs though, in general the more power generated, the slower the load and release, as well as potential for inaccuracy in a shot.

What kick point should I use?

The choice of your kick point comes down to your preference. Do you prefer to get your shots off quick or hard? If you want to get your shots off fast, low kick point sticks are right for you. If you like to take one timers, shooting close in or quick wrist shots it will will only help to have a low kick point stick.

How do you pick a hockey stick kick point?

How to Select Kickpoint

  1. Low Kick: Stick flexes at the bottom third of the shaft. A great option for players wanting to get the puck off their blade as quickly as possible. …
  2. Mid Kick: Stick flexes at the middle of the shaft. …
  3. Hybrid/Customized Kick: Flexes where the bottom hand is during loading and shooting.
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What kick point is the trigger?

CCM Ribcor Trigger 5 Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick – Senior

Weight: 365 grams
Measured Product: 60″ 85 Flex P29
Kick Point Position: Low
Warranty: 30 Days
Family: Ribcor

How do you pick the best hockey stick?

When choosing the right flex, you should consider your weight, playing style, and personal preference. But as a general rule, choose a stick with a flex that’s one-half of your body weight, rounded down. So a 160-pound player should use around a 75 flex stick.

What is the lightest hockey stick?

Built on a brand new platform, the Supreme Ultrasonic is our lightest Supreme stick ever. At 390 grams, it’s the same weight as Vapor FlyLite. And it’s been re-engineered for snapshots, not just slapshots.

What flex of hockey stick should I use?

A good place to start when choosing a Hockey Stick Flex Rating is to choose the flex that matches half of your body weight. If you weigh 160 pounds, start with an 80 flex, and see how you like this option by testing it out in a shooting room. If you weigh 140 pounds, try the same process out with a 70 flex stick.

What is hockey stick lie?

And there are hockey stick lies every player should consider very carefully: The lie of your hockey stick is the angle of the shaft in relation to the blade when the blade’s bottom edge is flat against the playing surface.

What stick should a defenseman use?

The most popular stick for defencemen in the NHL is the Warrior Alpha QX, which is the stick used by 20% of all players!

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What does mid kick point mean?

A mid kick point bows in the middle of the shaft and will have a medium-high trajectory. A high kick point bows near the grip end of the shaft and produces a low trajectory. You need a fast swing speed to play a shaft with a high kick point.

What is the best true hockey stick?

The Best Senior Hockey Sticks of 2021

  • TRUE AX9. …
  • CCM RibCor Trigger 6. …
  • Bauer Nexus Geo. The Best Mid-Kick Hockey Stick. …
  • Warrior Alpha DX. The Most Durable Hockey Stick. …
  • True Catalyst 9X.
  • True XCore XC7.
  • Bauer Vapor 3X Pro. The Best Inexpensive Bauer Hockey Stick. …
  • Warrior Covert QRE 20 Pro. The Best Hockey Stick for the Money.

What is the difference between low kick and mid kick?

Low kick point sticks flex at the bottom of the stick allowing for a quicker release on wrist shots and snap shots. … Mid kick point sticks flex in the very middle of the stick. They are great for slap shots and players who really lean into shots.

What kick point is the Hyperlite?

Top Trending Items

Weight: 385g
Measured Product: 60″ 87 Flex
Construction Material: DuraFlex Resin
Kick Point Position: Low
Shaft Design: Asymmetrical TeXtreme