Is there a difference between field hockey goggles and lacrosse goggles?

If goggles are legal for field hockey, they are most likely legal for for lacrosse. However, most lacrosse goggles are NOT legal for field hockey. Field hockey goggles must have the front vertical bars.

What is the difference between field hockey and lacrosse goggles?

Wire field hockey goggles are required to have the front bars that go over the eyes, while most lacrosse goggles do not have these. Attached is an image that shows the difference of the front bars. Note, some deBeer and Bangerz goggles are now deemed illegal.

Are my lacrosse goggles legal?

Beginning January 1, 2020, all protective eyewear must be SEI certified to the current ASTM lacrosse standard F3077 to be regarded as legal for play. The rule change was made to minimize or significantly reduce injury to the eye and adnexa due to the impact and penetration of lacrosse balls.

Are field hockey and lacrosse the same thing?

In field hockey, the stick has a hooked end, and the ball is moved along the ground. In lacrosse, the stick has a needed head and passing it through the air into nets moves the ball. … In field hockey, the ball is moved with sticks on the ground; so the ball is passed through stick play utilizing players accordingly.

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What are field hockey goggles?

Get Superior Player Protection With Field Hockey Goggles

Reduce cuts, abrasions and bruising with field hockey face masks, such as polyethylene foam goggles or transparent hockey masks. Men’s and women’s field hockey goggles help prevent injury while allowing clear visibility.

Can you use field hockey goggles for lacrosse?

In lacrosse, this is not an issue, therefore they do not require the vertical wire piece. Keep this rule of thumb in mind, you CAN wear your women’s field hockey goggles for lacrosse, but CANNOT wear your women’s lacrosse goggles for field hockey.

Are field hockey and soccer shin guards the same?

Field hockey shin guards, which are made of plastic and foam, wrap farther around the lower leg and offer more ankle protection than soccer shin guards. Some players like to wear thin socks under their shin guards to make them more comfortable.

Are field hockey goggles required?

Instead of stating all players “shall” wear eye protection, the NFSHA rule now says “goggles may be worn by all field hockey players,” allowing players to choose whether to wear them. … The NFHS began requiring field hockey players to wear goggles in 2011 as a safety measure.

How tell if goggles are SEI certified?

To see if your eyewear is already approved you can check the list on the SEI website at

What goggles are SEI certified?

Women’s Lacrosse Goggles – SEI Certified

  • Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear – SEI Certified. 84% …
  • STX 4Sight + S Goggles – SEI Certified. …
  • STX 4Sight Focus S Goggle – SEI Certified.
  • STX 4Sight Focus Ti-S Goggles – SEI Certified. …
  • STX Focus XV-S Goggle – SEI Certified. …
  • Under Armour Glory Titanium Goggle – SEI Certified.
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Which came first field hockey or lacrosse?

While hockey is said to have originated sometime in the early 1800’s, lacrosse can be traced back about 700 years earlier – around 1100 AD. Of course, the variation played then differs widely from the current version. Played mostly in the eastern half of North America, the game was first known as stickball.

What is field hockey called?

field hockey, also called hockey, outdoor game played by two opposing teams of 11 players each who use sticks curved at the striking end to hit a small, hard ball into their opponent’s goal. It is called field hockey to distinguish it from the similar game played on ice.

What sports is lacrosse similar to?

Lacrosse is the most similar to the sport of basketball in terms of strategic tactics and style of play. However, lacrosse draws many parallels with other popular sports as well. Certain aspects of hockey, soccer, and football are also clearly reflected in the game of lacrosse.

Do high school field hockey players have to wear goggles?

Goggles will no longer be required for players in high school field hockey, the National Federation of State High School Associations announced. A rule change approved by the organization’s board will take effect with the upcoming 2020 season.

Can you wear glasses in field hockey?

Good news for those playing field hockey As of 2019, the rules have opened up to allow prescription eyeglass wears to wear any ASTM F803 rated eyewear. Rule 1.6. 5 states: All field players shall wear eye protection that meets the ASTM standard for field hockey at the time of manufacture.

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