What NHL teams have the C on the right side?

If you’ve watched any of our quizzes, specifically the “Insanely Difficult Jersey Quiz”, you’d know that the Detroit Red Wings AND Arizona Coyotes are the only teams in the NHL that have the “C” on the right side of their jersey.

What side is the C on a hockey jersey?

In the National Hockey League, each team can have only one captain. That player wears a C on their uniform, usually on the upper left side of the jersey. A team can also designate up to two alternate captains. Or, if no captain is identified, a team can have three alternate captains.

What are the current NHL teams?

NHL Teams

  • Boston Bruins. StatisticsScheduleRosterTickets.
  • Buffalo Sabres. StatisticsScheduleRosterTickets.
  • Detroit Red Wings. StatisticsScheduleRosterTickets.
  • Florida Panthers. StatisticsScheduleRosterTickets.
  • Montreal Canadiens. StatisticsScheduleRosterTickets.
  • Ottawa Senators. …
  • Tampa Bay Lightning. …
  • Toronto Maple Leafs.

How many teams are in the NHL 2020?

2020 NHL Power Rankings: Where all 31 teams stand as new season approaches.

How many teams are in the NHL?

The reason the “C” is on the opposite side for those two teams is due to their logo, which prevents them from putting it on the left side like the rest of the league.

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Can a goaltender be captain?

Currently, goaltenders are not allowed to be the captain of their National Hockey League club.

What place are the Buffalo Sabres in?


13 Sabres 8-11-3
14 Canadiens 6-16-2
15 Islanders 5-10-2
16 Senators 4-15-1

What place are the Pittsburgh Penguins in?


8 Penguins 66
9 Blue Jackets 65
10 Bruins 53
11 Devils 63

What place are the Blues in?


1 Flames 31
2 Wild 31
3 Oilers 30
4 Blues 27

How many Canadian hockey teams are in the NHL?

The National Hockey League (NHL; French: Ligue nationale de hockey—LNH) is a professional ice hockey league in North America comprising 32 teams—25 in the United States and 7 in Canada.

National Hockey League.

Current season, competition or edition: 2021–22 NHL season
No. of teams 32
Countries Canada (7 teams) United States (25 teams)

Who is the best NHL team 2021?

Check out our latest 2021 NHL Power Rankings.

  1. 01 Toronto Maple Leafs (15-4-2) USA TODAY Sports.
  2. 02 Tampa Bay Lightning (13-4-1) USA TODAY Sports. …
  3. 03 Vegas Golden Knights (11-4-1) …
  4. 04 Florida Panthers (13-4-2) …
  5. 05 Washington Capitals (11-5-4) …
  6. 06 Winnipeg Jets (12-6-1) …
  7. 07 Boston Bruins (11-5-2) …
  8. 08 Colorado Avalanche (10-6-1) …

Who has the smallest stadium in the NHL?

Montreal’s Bell Centre is the largest arena in the NHL with a seating capacity of 21,302. Uniondale’s Nassau Coliseum is the smallest arena with a seating capacity of 13,900.

Who has the biggest NHL arena?

Arenas by capacity

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Rank Arena City
1 Bell Centre Montreal
2 United Center Chicago
3 Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia
4 Little Caesars Arena Detroit

Who has won the most Stanley Cups?

Having lifted the trophy a total of 24 times, the Montreal Canadiens are the team with more Stanley Cup titles than any other franchise. Founded in 1909, the Canadiens are the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team and the only existing NHL club to predate the founding of the NHL itself.