Who are the characters in The Hockey Sweater?

The main character in the short story “The Hockey Sweater” by Roch Carrier is the protagonist, the ten-year-old boy. Other characters who are very important are the mother and the vicar, as they both are important symbols in the story.

Who is the protagonist of the sweater?

Protagonist: The protagonist of the story is the boy with the hockey sweater.

What is the setting in The Hockey Sweater?

The setting is most likely based somewhere in Quebec in the 1930’s. Most of the story takes place at a hockey rink where all the boys of the community play and wear their Maurice Richard jerseys.

What is the theme of The Hockey Sweater?

Theme: The main idea of this story is prejudice. This is because when Roch went to the hockey game wearing his Toronto Maple Leafs sweater, he was treated differently when compared to him wearing a Canadiens sweater.

What is the meaning of The Hockey Sweater?

The Hockey Sweater/Le chandail de hockey (1979) is a story that has become a part of Canada’s national identity. … This excerpt and scene from The Hockey Sweater represent a stereotypical Canada, characterized by its long, cold winters and its pride in winter sports—with a small nod to education and religion.

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What’s the conflict of The Hockey Sweater?

The conflict is the story is man vs. self because the boy is pressured to think that other people will make fun of him for wearing the Toronto Maple Leafs sweater. The also has to make the decision of weather he should wear it or not.

Why did Roch Carrier write The Hockey Sweater?

Carrier said he wrote the story after being asked by CBC Radio to write a piece on what Quebecers want. It was the early 1970s, the height of the Quebec sovereignty movement. … He was told he better write something, as the station had time slotted for him. So over the weekend, he wrote “The Hockey Sweater.”

Who wrote Le Chandail de hockey?

Foreshadowing: When Roch’s mom wrote a letter to Monsieur Eaton to send them a new Montreal Canadiens sweater, but Monsieur Eaton sent a Toronto Maple Leafs sweater instead.

What are hockey jerseys called?

Edit. A hockey jersey, traditionally called a sweater (due to it originally being made from sweater material, such as wool), is a piece of clothing worn by hockey players to cover the upper part of their bodies.

What happens in Le Chandail de hockey?

Le chandail de hockey is an interactive CD-ROM based on a famous Roch Carrier short story and features the animated film Le chandail de hockey (The Hockey Sweater) made by the National Film Board of Canada. … Being forced to wear the sweater, he feels rejected by his peers on the ice and finally loses his temper.

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